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Thank you for attending our seminar!

Here is the PowerPoint presentation we used:

(Instructions: click on the seminar title and then choose SAVE and save the file to your desktop or your documents.  You will need PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer to see the presentation.  You can get a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft here: Viewer!

You Really Can Stay One Step Ahead Of The Bad Guys

Notes from the Seminar:

Phishing Emails

We talked about how, when the economy declines, crime rises, not only in real life but on the Internet, too.  Millions and millions of dollars are stolen through emails called phishing emails.  The first thing we did was take a quiz!  You'll find the quiz here:

After we walked through the quiz, we went over each question and answer.  Then, we looked at some clues we can use to tell if an email is legitimate or a fraud.  Those clues include: 

1)  The email appears to come from an organization with which you have a relationship but the email is not addressed to you by name.  (e.g., "Dear Valued Customer,")   

2)   The email asks you for confidential information or directs you to a link where they want your personal info.

3)  The email tries to use FEAR as a motivator.  ("Don't update and we will close your account.")



Our next subject was spyware.  We defined spyware as unwanted programs which get onto your computer, or attempt to get onto your computer, to either steal information or to coerce you into buying unneeded programs.  (e.g., "Your computer has infected files.  Click now to do a full scan and protect your computer!")  Next, we took quiz #2.  When you go to this site, please notice that there are a number of other quizzes on various computer-related subjects.  We highly recommend that you take some time and try these other quizzes, as well.  Here's where we found quiz #2:

We went over clues regarding spyware, too.  Actually, there was only one clue we mentioned but it is #1:
Warnings try to instill fear fear that your computer has infected files or is under attack from the outside; fear that your banking and other financial information could be stolen.


If it sounds too good to be true, _ _  _ _!  (it is!)  Our final quiz of the morning had to do with Spam.  You may recall, Spam is unsolicited and unwanted emails which come to us, usually offering all kinds of "great deals."   Here is where you can find quiz #3:

As for clues about spam, we had three:

1) If it's too good to be true, it is!

2) Never unsubscribe to an email list to which you didn't subscribe!

3) Protect your friends - use BCC:


New Word

We learned a new word at our seminar:  Frammer.  A frammer is someone who forwards spam or other unwanted emails to family members, friends or colleagues.

Next Seminar

Our next seminar will be Saturday, May 30, 2009.  I hope you can join us!

Live/Recorded Seminar

We did record our seminar and this time, we had sound!  If you'd like to review the seminar, you'll find the video here: 

Thanks to everyone for all the good questions!

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Thanks again for coming.  We hope you learned a few things and that you enjoyed our time together!

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