September 10, 2011 * Seminar Notes
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Thanks for attending our seminar on Saturday, September 10, 2011.  We had a great group of people for our first session after the summer break and we thank everyone who attended!  We're inviting you back for the October 8th Seminar and we want to ask you to participate ahead of time.  We're taking a survey of your computer questions; and, your answers will determine the direction of October's time together.  Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey which you'll find HERE.


As for September's Seminar, on this page you'll find the PowerPoint Presentation to view and/or download, the video from the seminar and the notes and links I promised you.  Enjoy!   

Our Seminar's topic was "Email Attachments"  Here is the PowerPoint:

Seminar 09-10-2011 PowerPoint


Here is the video recording of the seminar, in webinar format.  You can right-click and choose save or you can left-click and watch the video.  (Downloading it [saving] it to your computer first will let it run smoother.)  This is a large file so downloading will take some time.  Get it HERE.


One of the things I mentioned in the seminar is the fact that we have lots of free tutorials on our How To page.  We're adding tutorials all the time now - 11 in the last week alone.  We've also added (thanks to Joyce) the ability to just print the instructions - no pictures, no ads.  We'll be going back and adding this feature to our old tutorials and everyone from here out will have that feature.  Please visit our tutorial page by clicking HERE


In our discussion of being able to change pictures to a smaller size (when you want to email a picture and top quality is not important), I mentioned that there are some third-party software programs which will allow you to simply right-click on a picture and resize it.  Well, I've found some really neat tools like this one and I've decided the best way to show you how to download, install and use these tools is to have another free webinar!  So, with that in mind, our next webinar will be Saturday, September 17, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.  Space is limited so please register early by clicking HERE.  (Remember, if you can't attend, you can email us and ask us to send you a copy of the webinar, which we'll gladly do.)

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