October 9, 2010 * Seminar Notes
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Thanks for attending our seminar on Saturday, October 9, 2010.  Here are the notes from the seminar:

We started the seminar with a video showing that animals can get as frustrated with computer equipment as we humans.  Here's the video:


October's Seminar topic was "Scary Emails."  Here is the PowerPoint presentation for you to download and watch on your computer:

Seminar 10-09-2010 PowerPoint

Immediately following the break, Joyce made a short presentation about TOMS Shoes including her modeling of a pair she had purchased.  (TOMS shoes gives away one pair of shoes to a child in need, for every pair sold.)  Additionally, we showed this video which told more of the TOMS Shoes story:

One of the questions asked by several people was whether or not TOMS Shoes gives shoes away in the United States.  By the time we had our giveaways at the end of the seminar, Joyce and Anne had gone onto the Internet and discovered that TOMS Shoes does, indeed, distribute free shoes in the US, as well as 22 other countries.

We encourage you to consider purchasing TOMS Shoes or to give TOMS Shoes gift cards.  Please click on the following banner to visit TOMS site.  If you are interested in gift cards, simply search GIFT CARDS in the TOMS search box found near the top of the page.  Here is the banner:

TOMS Shoes 

Getting back to "Scary Emails," in the PowerPoint, some of the pages which I showed "live" will not show in the copy above.  One of the pages was our free How To tutorial about using BCC.  You will find the tutorial HERE.

Other pages included email logins for Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL.  In each case, I showed where you could turn on the BCC field in a new email.

Near the end of the seminar, I agreed that I would create How To tutorials for the different email clients showing how to create rules for emails.  I gave examples of the many things you can do with rules: send an email directly to the Junk folder; automatically reply to an email; have an email come in using a color other than black; and these are only a few examples.  I will let everyone know in the Question Of The Week whenever I post one of these tutorials. 

We look forward to seeing you at our next seminar!

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