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Thank You! 
Thanks for attending our seminar on Saturday, December 4, 2010.  Included on this page are the PowerPoint Presentation, the notes and two videos I never got time to show.  Hope you enjoyed the seminar and we look forward to seeing you in January! 




Before we actually started the topic for the seminar, I addressed an issue regarding emails which were telling computer users that Adobe Reader had an update (Update 2011) and that they should click to get the update.  When a person did click, they were asked for information.  I explained that this was not a legitimate email from Adobe and it should be deleted.  Here is the actual response from the Adobe Security Response Team regarding this particular email:

It has come to Adobe’s attention that email messages purporting to offer a download of a new version of Adobe Reader have been sent by entities claiming to be Adobe. Many of these emails are signed as “Adobe Acrobat Reader Support” (or similar), and in some instances require recipients to register and/or provide personal information. Please be aware that these emails have not been sent by Adobe or on Adobe’s behalf.

The Adobe Reader is free software available for download directly from the Adobe Reader download page on the Adobe website at; it is not available in any other manner via download, including via email.

Customers receiving one of these emails should delete the email immediately without clicking on any of the links.


Our Seminar's topic was "Holiday Greetings"  Here is the PowerPoint presentation for you to download and watch on your computer:

Seminar 12-04-2010 PowerPoint


The two videos above were the ones I never got to play because, surprise, surprise, we ran out of time.


Here are all of the links for the card sites with subscription options or card stores:

American Greetings
Blue Mountain
Jacquie Lawson


While we were discussing the card sites mentioned above, I also told the story of this man:

Hallmark Fired Him

He is, of course, Ty Wilson.  You can read more about him and visit his site by clicking HERE.


Next, we talked about free greeting card sites.  I warned that nothing is really "free" on the Net anymore and that free sites sometimes sneak toolbars and other unwanted add-ons onto your computer.  You might also be inundated with pop-ups and other types of ads on the free sites.  Here are the free sites I mentioned:

1001 Post Cards
123 Greeting Cards
Forever Yours


When we got to printable greeting cards, I demonstrated how to set up the printer and printed out a card from American Greetings.  I  also talked about the fact that you can purchase Greeting Card disks which will allow you to print out cards, also.


I did thank everyone who visited our Product pages and clicked on various links.  For those who are actually purchasing through our links, we send our sincere appreciation!


We concluded with prizes (including a year's subscription to JibJab) and with the announcement of our next seminar:  Saturday, January 8, 2011.  We hope everyone can attend and please bring a friend!

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