Not Like The Old Days of Owning a Mac

New Mac OS malware samples increased by 9% in the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

Total Mac OS malware grew 51% over the last four quarters.

For years, Apple Mac users have bragged about the fact that they didn’t need any protection on their computers. When it came to viruses, Windows won hands down. While there are, maybe, 100 viruses for Mac, there are more than 100,000 for Windows. (Actual statistics on viruses are tough to pin down but let’s say these numbers are at least in the ballpark.)

However, when was the last time you heard of a wide-spread virus? It’s been awhile. Why? Because anti-virus companies have come a long way in protecting machines from viruses.

Unfortunately, the “bad guy” emphasis has moved from viruses to malware. A virus can be transmitted from one computer to another and can do major damage on the machines it infects. Malware, on the other hand, is designed to make money for the crook behind its implementation. That’s where the bad news comes in for Mac users. Mac computers are vulnerable to malware and the number of software programs aimed at infecting Mac are on the rise. Why? Because Mac computers have made a comeback of sorts and the percentage of Mac computers in the world has increased. Since the bad guys tend to go where the money is, they are working harder to infect Mac computers.

I’ll write more posts about the different types of malware out there (for both Mac and Windows machines) but the main sentence for this post is this: if you own a Mac, you need anti-malware protection. The good news is that Vipre is now available for Mac. Vipre is the anti-virus we use on all of our machines. Also, if you act before January 31, 2019, you will receive an additional year of protection for the same price as one year. Just click below:

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  1. Lynne coppoletta

    John I have had Avast since you recommended it years ago. Do I now need something different for malware??

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