Worth Repeating + A Deal!

Back on March 5, 2019 (Laptop Surge Protection), I wrote a post about the importance of using a surge protector with your laptops, tablets and smartphones when they are plugged into electricity. I gave you an example of one of my customers who had purchased a new laptop from me which wasn’t that old but the power supply went out. Turns out the there was a power surge and it got zapped! Truthfully, there could have been more damage – the laptop itself could have been knocked out.

I also explained that when you travel with your device, it’s nice to have a surge protector that’s not a long strip with a big wire which just gets in the way. Instead, I suggested that you purchase the square laptop protector I use. (I have several of them.) It looks like this:

Surge protector

If you weren’t reading my posts back in March or if you didn’t buy the surge protector then, now is a perfect time to buy one. It’s on sale again – this time, even a better price than before (52% off). Just click on the picture above and your surge protector can be on its way from Amazon!

Note: we’re Amazon affiliates. If you click and purchase the surge protector above, we’ll make two bits or so. Still, we’re not recommending it for that reason. We’re recommending it because, if you own a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you should have one!