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One of my favorite places to go for a quick sandwich, soft pretzel or drink is Wawa. Their club sandwiches are my favorite and they have great milk shakes, too.

Here on Florida’s Treasure Coast, we’ve seen an increased presence from Wawa and that makes it more convenient. Zip in, get what you want, zip out. No worries!

Well…actually, there is something to worry about. Wawa has now joined the ranks of Target and Home Depot and not in a good way. Wawa has suffered a data breach of approximately 30 million customers. This hack probably affected all 850 stores. Stolen customer information is now on sale on the Dark Web.

What is difficult to believe is that the breach started on March 4th of last year and wasn’t discovered and shut down until December 12th. That is a very long time for a hack to remain effective.

If you’re a Wawa customer like me, what should you do? For the moment, just keep an eye on your credit and debit card activity. Wawa has notified various credit card companies and processors to be on the alert. Still, you need to keep vigilant. (A benefit of banking online is that you can check your accounts every day instead of waiting for a statement.)