Kind Of A Drag

Even if you’re old enough to remember the 1966 hit, Kind of a Drag, by The Buckinghams, this post isn’t about them or the song! Instead, it’s about dragging your icons in the Windows 10 Task Bar and the Mac Dock.

Did you know that you can arrange the icons on these two areas simply by dragging the icons where you want them? Yep, you sure can. All you do is hold down the left mouse button on top of the icon you want to move; then, drag the icon left or right until you get it where you want it. By doing this, you can add some organization to your Windows Task Bar or your Mac Dock. For example, you might want all your browser shortcuts together or all your Office icons together and in a certain order.

If you’ve never tried to put these icons into some kind of order, now is the perfect time to try!

Screenshot of Windows Task bar with icons grouped together