Our Most Popular Brochures

Because of the pandemic, we haven’t had any in-person seminars. These training sessions are one place where I often hand-out computing-related brochures. I also distribute them when I speak at local organizations but that hasn’t been happening either. Of course, not everyone could attend these functions even if we were holding them. With that in mind, I thought I’d share several of my handouts here on my blog.

I’m presenting the information in the form of a flip book. These flip books give you a lot of options: you can click (the four brackets on the right side of the menu) and view the brochure full screen, then hit ESC and come back to this page; you can share the flip book with others; and, you can even print the pamphlet, if you so desire.

Having said all that, let’s look at the two brochures I’m presenting today.

The first is some general information about computing security. In it, I briefly talk about email security, passwords, Social Media security and, perhaps most importantly, not panicking. Have a look!

The second brochure covers a topic that, if you’re a regular 4KCC blog reader, will sound familiar – Social Engineering. In this pamphlet, I define the term “Social Engineering” and I explain the three Social Engineering methods used by scammers to try to take your money. If you never read another thing I write, please don’t skip this handout.