I Have To Share Bad News With You-Email Scam

screen capture of a fake email which is very popular right now

“I have to share bad news with you” is actually the first sentence from the email pictured above. (You can click on the image to see a larger, more readable version.) Lately, I’ve been getting about six of these a day. So far, we’ve had one customer log in to Remote Technical Support because they received one and it frightened them. Here is what you need to know about this email, should you receive it:

FAKE – This email is a fake, a scam.
SPAM/JUNK – Instead of just deleting the email, you should mark it Spam/Junk.
SOCIAL ENGINEERING ATTEMPT – As I’ve explained in my post “Social Engineering: The Weakest Link In The Chain“, this particular email is an attempt to appeal to your emotions – in this case fear – so that you will act without thinking.

Some of these emails have my correct first and last names which makes the email sound more “legitimate.” In truth, having my name in the email means nothing. Remember, if the email account of someone you know gets hacked, your name and email address could be exposed to the bad guys. If you don’t have your Social Media account locked down, a hacker could get your name and other info there. In other words, if the email has your name, that doesn’t make this scam any more real – it’s still spam/junk.

While this post is about just one fake email, I have other posts you might want to read. These describe other fake/scam emails, as well. Be sure to read “Scam Email Examples.” I urge you to also read, “Hacking Email.”