I’m working diligently to do away with paper – receipts, business cards, etc. I came across an app I like a lot and I want to recommend it to you. I’m not affiliated with Piksoft, the creator of the app, I just really like it.

TurboScan is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The app allows you to use your phone or tablet to scan what you want and store your scans in PDF format. You can make folders to keep your items separate. For instance, I have folders for: business cards, each of my vendors, house repairs and more.

There’s a good help menu under settings where you can also back up your data, protect it with a passcode and even email to yourself.

Using TurboScan is just another way of getting organized and I think you’ll find the app valuable. Why not give it a try?


2 thoughts on “TurboScan

  1. Catherine

    How does it do on large photos and lengthy receipts…have to scan more than once to get it all scanned?


    1. MCB…I haven’t had to scan more than once. When the receipt is larger, I just back the phone up and it usually captures the whole receipt automatically. However, you CAN adjust the scan if it is going to capture more than you want/need or if it doesn’t capture enough. ~YYB

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