Another Type of Covid-19 Scam

In several previous blog posts, I’ve talked about the online scams regarding Covid-19 (From The FBI, Coronavirus News). I referred you to both the FBI and the CDC regarding scams about virus cures and virus conspiracy theories. However, one of the areas I haven’t talked about is credit repair scams.

For a large number of people, the Covid-19 pandemic put a major hurt to their credit. Men and women who had years of good credit saw their scores plummet because they couldn’t pay their bills. Jobs were lost and/or curtailed and people found themselves in a tough spot. As a result, credit repair companies popped up everywhere. Were all these companies legit and reliable? Of course not.

Here at Keystone Computer Concepts, we’re about computing, not credit repair. Fortunately, our friends at reached out to us to provide some insight on what to look for in a credit repair company. The banner above, on which you can click to see as a larger image, relays the 7 warning signs of a scam credit repair offering. Additionally, has published an article which lists their pick for the top 6 credit repair companies. Besides their Top 6 list, the page explains: what credit repair companies do; the difference between debt settlement and credit repair; and some credit repair FAQs.

If your credit took a hit and you’ve been thinking about credit repair, I suggest you visit’s article and read it over. You’ll find it by clicking HERE.

2 thoughts on “Another Type of Covid-19 Scam

  1. Al C

    I am receiving so many of these (one a day at least) that I delete all and only hope it doesn’t bite me for doing so.

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