Should I Be Scrapping My Computer For A Tablet?

Should I Be Scrapping My Computer For A Tablet? woman at computer vs woman with tablet

“Should I be scrapping my computer for a tablet?” is a question we are asked more and more these days. The answer to this question is what I like to call the “Microsoft answer.” It depends! (If you’ve ever attended one of my live seminars, you’re familiar with this answer!) Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Reasons To Scrap Your Computer

  • Tablets weigh less than computers
  • Tablets are easier to carry around than most laptops
  • With so many apps available, you can do banking, credit cards, and so much more
  • There aren’t all the wires usually associated with computers, especially desktops
  • You can use touch to accomplish tasks while many computers do not have touch capability

Reasons To Stay With A Computer

  • Storage space (hard drive) is more reasonably priced than tablets. For instance, an iPad with a 512 GB hard drive has a starting price of $1399. A 15.6″ laptop with a 512 GB hard drive can be purchased for less than $900.
  • Keyboards are generally larger and easier to use than on a tablet
  • Not all companies make apps for tablets making it more difficult to complete a task on a tablet vs. a computer.
  • The smaller size screen may make it difficult for people with visual impairments.

Comparing The Pros And Cons of Scrapping Your Computer For A Tablet

When you look at the comparison above, you shouldn’t answer the question “Should I be scrapping my computer for a tablet?’ by counting the number of items I listed. Instead, you need to review each pro and each con and decide what’s important to you. For some people, the small screen would be a deal breaker. For others, extreme portability might be the reason to say goodbye to your computer.

One final area to look at when trying to make this decision is cost. As a rule, when you compare the same hardware parts, you’ll find tablets cost more vs. computers.


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