5 Favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards

Today, I want to share my 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards. As you know, the cost of paper cards and postage has put a real damper on people’s willingness to send cards via snail mail. The great news is that the Internet provides a way for us to still keep in touch at a fraction of the cost. Join me as I share my favorites. (These cards are not free to send but you’ll find the cost very reasonable.)

Hanukkah -Jacquie Lawson

If you haven’t experienced a Jacquie Lawson greeting card, you really need to do so. Her cards have inspired large greeting card companies to follow her lead. Jacquie’s cards are always unique in design, carry very special messages and often involve interaction from the recipient. View this Hanukkah card by clicking or tapping the screen capture below.

The first of my 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards - a Jacquie Lawson Hannukkah card.

Christmas Humor – JimJab – The Digital Way To Spread Joy, Laughter, and Love

On JibJab, you can put yourself into your Christmas greeting – literally. Just use selfie poses of your best look and insert them into the card. It’s easy and fun! Click the photo below to see what I mean.

Joyce and I start in this funny JibJab Christmas e-greeting card.

My 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards – #3

Both American Greetings and Blue Mountain carry this card and it is very near the top of my 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-greeting cards. You get to make three personalization choices – the recipient’s name, where they live, and whether they’re on Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. Clicking on the picture below will take you to the American Greeting’s site while clicking “Blue Mountain” the first sentence of this paragraph will take you there, instead. You really need to give this one a try!

Number 2 on my list of 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards - it's Santa with lots of personalization options.

Christmas Religious

While almost all the e-card sites have religious cards, one of my favorites is “O Holy Night” which can be found on both American Greetings and Blue Mountain. Click or tap below and have a look.

O Holy Night religious card.

It’s A Train At The Top Of My 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards

If you know me personally, you are aware that I’m a big-time railfan. There’s no way my top 5 favorite Christmas/Hanukkah E-Greeting Cards wouldn’t include something with a train. (You can personalize this one with a name, also!) Following the path that Jacquie Lawson forged a number of years ago, here’s my top greeting card pick.

Of coursek a train Christmas greeting card.

As I mentioned, none of these e-greeting card sites are free but the yearly subscription fee will be way less than what you’d spend on paper cards and postage.


As I warned you in my post of April 13, 2020, (Send Greeting Cards) there are many “free” ecards sites online. Some of them are good but a number of them will install unwanted software on your device and/or infiltrate you with ads. Be careful where you shop online for e-cards!


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