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Screenshot of the app reading from my webpage

Read Aloud is just one of the many extensions I use in my browsers. If you’ve never heard of it, let me introduce you to it!

Read Aloud – Where Do You Find It?

Read Aloud is an extension that you can find in the Google Chrome Extension Store which means it can be added to Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It is also available in the Firefox Extension store. It’s very easy to download and install.

What Is It?

Read Aloud is an extension that will read out loud what is on a web page. If you look at the top photo on this page, you’ll see what I mean. When I captured the photo, Read Aloud was reading the text on my page. As it read, it highlighted the sentence it was reading.

The app supports 40+ languages. You are able to increase or decrease the font size and the size of the box it occupies when reading. You’re also able to start and stop the reading. Let’s look at a live example:

Options For Read Aloud

Don’t care for the voice you heard in the video above? Not a problem. Read Aloud has options!

Screenshot of the Read Aloud Options

If you use the “Voice” drop-down menu, you will see tons of available voices. Additionally, you can adjust the speed, pitch, and volume. You can also select showing the text in a popup or in a separate window.

Why Use Read Aloud?

You might think that the only people using Read Aloud might be those with visual impairments. However, I have no problem reading websites and I still use this app. Sometimes, I want to use it while I follow the instructions from the web page it’s reading. In this incidence, I can be away from the computer while it reads and I work. Finally, if I’m just exhausted and don’t feel like reading, I’ll let Read Aloud do it for me!

I encourage you to give it a try. Just go to the extension stores and download it. Here are the links:

Chrome (which you can also use from the Edge Browser:


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