Windows 11 And How To Get Focused

Windows 11 And How To Get Focused - screenshot of the Focus Session settings window

In this post, let’s talk about Windows 11 and how to get focused.

If your computer is anything like mine, there are notification windows that pop up from time to time. Your computer might even make noises when you receive mail or other messages. Often, these are welcomed interruptions. Still, there are times when we need to focus on a task and not be distracted by them. We’re in luck! Windows 11 has something called “Focus Session.” Here’s all the information you’ll need to start using it.

What Does Focus Session Do?

Before I explain how to create and use a focus session, let’s explore what actually happens when it’s activated.

  • Do not disturb mode will turn on.
  • Apps in the taskbar won’t flash to alert you.
  • Notifications will turn off.

How To Use Focus Session

  • Open the Clock app from the Start menu or search for it in the taskbar.
  • In the Clock app, select “Focus sessions” in the left column.
  • Connect your Spotify account if you want to listen to music during your focus session. You can choose from different playlists or create your own.
  • Connect your Microsoft To-Do app (It’s built-in to Windows 11. I’ll do a blog post on this next week.) to select a task from your list and track your progress. You can also add new tasks or edit existing ones.
  • Set the timer for your focus session. The minimum option is 30 minutes. If you choose 45 minutes or more, you will also get a five-minute break in between.
  • Click the “Start focus session button” to begin your session.

Session Breaks

As I mentioned above, you will receive a notification to take a break. How often you get breaks depends on how long you’ve set your focus session timer. When break time comes, you will receive a notification in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. There is also a sound emitted if you have the sound turned on.

Windows 11 And How To Get Focused – Conclusion

When you need to get something accomplished on the computer, using Focus Session can be very helpful. Unfortunately, its controls don’t stop your phone from ringing or someone coming to your door! But, at least you’ll be able to work without computer-related interruptions. Go ahead – give it a try!

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    What a neat feature! Certainly could have used this when I was still working! May even give it a try now! Thanks, Bro!

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