Recent News Is Why You Should Review

Recent News Is Why You Should Review - image of "new" on cell phone

In this post, I will explain that recent news is why you should review previous posts of mine.

Smishing News

Here’s one of the news headlines this week. “This stealthy Android malware can steal your money and invade your privacy.” This particular malware affects Android users via smishing. Because this can record what you say and type, it’s something to avoid. If you click on the headline above, you can read the entire article. By the way, while this particular malware only affects Androids, Apple devices are still open to smishing, as well.

We’ve talked about smishing before on this blog. Now might be a good time to re-read “How To Avoid Smishing Scams.” Just click on the post title.


MGM ransomware attack shuts down Resorts systems in Vegas, across US.” That’s a recent headline from USA Today. (Click on the title to read the story.) Ransomware is a major problem in the computing world and doesn’t seem to be lessening in active attacks.

For the record, we talked about this issue on May 15, 2021. My post was “Ransomware Caused A Panic Which Caused A Gas Shortage…” (Read the article HERE.)

Hacked Passwords

Parade magazine recently published the article, “These Were the 100 Most Common Passwords Used, See If Yours Made the List.” Trust me, if you are using passwords that appear on this list, you are using weak security. Thus, passwords on this list are easily hacked!

Here on this blog, we’ve talked and talked about passwords. Just visit this search result and read through the posts I’ve done about passwords.

Recent News Is Why You Should Review – Conclusion

In this blog, I keep you informed of what’s happening in the computer world, both good and bad. While I understand that you probably only read a post once, it never hurts to go back and review. I hope you’ve reviewed the posts I mention here because smishing, ransomware, and hacked passwords are real problems!