What Is Copilot In Windows 10/11?

You might be wondering what is Copilot in Windows 10/11. In this post, I’ll explain what’s happening!

The copilot icon,

Now that you know what the icon is, you need to know what Copilot is! It’s a new Microsoft version of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) However, unlike some programs that can only answer questions and write documents, Copilot can also perform tasks for you on your computer.

For instance, you could tell Copilot to take a screenshot or open the Control Panel. Because it’s still in Beta testing, there are some things it can’t do yet. For instance, if you ask it to open Power Options, it will respond and tell you it can’t do that. However, it will also give you links to learn how to perform that particular task.

Using this new feature is pretty easy. When you click on its icon, a window appears on the right-hand side of your screen.

What is Copilot?  The Copilot screen.
Click to view a larger image.

Let’s give it a try. I’m going to ask it to write a birthday party invitation while using the “more creative” style.

Write a birthday party invitation for a 16 year old girl - my prompt to Copilot
This is what I asked Copilot to do.

The party invitation for a 16-year old girl response.
This was its response.

Copilot warning message.
AI created dog pictures.

Pretty cute pictures, don’t you agree? In case you’re wondering, the plus sign circle is so that you can click there and save the picture to a collection in Bing. From there you can download the picture to your computer, if you so desire.

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    Good to know what is available for users, that don’t follow all the new technical advancements that are coming.

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