Get Rid Of Bing? Google?

The word "Search" and a raccoon.

One of the questions I hear often is “How can I get rid of Bing?” If not that question, then this one: “How can I get rid of Google?” Before I can explain how to get rid of them, I need to talk about what they are.

Bing and Google are search engines provided by Microsoft and Google, respectively. Bing and Google are NOT browsers. Microsoft has a browser – Microsoft Edge and Google has a browser – Google Chrome. In this post, however, we’re talking about the search engines from these two companies and not browsers.

Primarily, when people ask me these questions, they follow the question by these comments: “I don’t like Bing,” and “I don’t trust Google.” This scenario is so commonplace, I’m surprised I’m just now getting around to talking about it.

For the record, I use both of these search engines. I tend to like Bing better than Google but I’d say I use them equally. When people tell me they don’t like Bing, I often ask “Have you really given Bing a chance?” When they tell me they don’t trust Google, I usually remind them that, if you’re on the Internet, most of your privacy is gone as that seems to be part of the beast.

Let’s get back to the basic question: how do you get rid of either Bing or Google? In reality, you can’t get “rid” of either of them. Many web pages which provide a search ability, including our page, use either Bing or Google to power those searches.

However, if you are talking about on your own computer, you can change the default search engine. The method for changing the search engine varies depending on which browser you are using. As a help, I’m going to create a number of short videos showing you how to accomplish this task. If you follow our YouTube channel, you will know when I post them.