There’s A New Browser In Town

For some time now, Microsoft has been working on a new browser – Microsoft Edge. Wait, I know what you Windows 10 users are thinking: “We’ve had Microsoft Edge since the first version of Windows 10!” Yes, that is true. But, this is the new Microsoft Edge built on the Chromium architecture. That’s the same foundation used by Google Chrome. Unlike its predecessor, this new version of Edge will work on more than Windows 10. It will work on Windows 8.1, Mac OS and on tablets and smartphones.

Here at Keystone Computer Concepts, I’ve been testing the Developer version of the new Edge and I’ve really enjoyed working with it. Well, this week, Microsoft has released the Beta version of Microsoft Edge. If you feel adventurous, you should install it on your computer and give it a whirl. Note: you can only install the beta version on a computer. Keep this in mind, though: this is the beta version. That means there will be updates and perhaps a few glitches here and there. You will be able to give feedback to Microsoft either when you want to tell them about something that went astray or when you want to give them a virtual pat-on-the-back for a feature you really like.

Just click on the link below to visit the Microsoft Edge beta site and download your beta copy: