5 Important Blog Posts

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Today, I want to share 5 important blog posts from the 579 I’ve published thus far. You might wonder why I would do this. Simple. A new reader of my blog asked me, “John, I don’t have time to read all the posts I’ve missed. Which posts would you say are most important?” We have a lot of new readers to my blog and I would think most of them might ask the same question. With that in mind, here are my choices for the 5 most important blog posts I’ve published – to date!

In this post, I explain “When it comes to security online, the weakest link in the chain is, unfortunately, the computer user. That’s you, that’s me. Oh, there are other security issues – hence, updates to our software, etc. But, it’s the person in front of the computing device’s screen who makes up the most vulnerable aspect of the virtual world.” I consider this the MOST important post I’ve written and I urge you to read or re-read.

Extensions: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This post is all about browser extensions. There are plenty of good ones but here are also some very bad extensions that can cause pop-ups, tracking and a whole lot more. This is one of the 5 important blog posts you should be reading.

6 Social Media Practices That Will Make You Happier

In this post, I share 6 practices you should be following when you use Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.). I also share some of the positive and the negative sides of Social Media. If you are on any of these platforms, you need to read this post.


I want you to read this entire post. However, here’s the most important paragraph: “Remember: Microsoft, Apple, Google and other big companies like them will NEVER call you out of the blue and tell you there are problems with your computer. They will NEVER cause a pop-up to appear on your screen asking you to call a number because there’s an issue. If you receive this kind of call, hang up on them. If you get a pop-up on your computer and don’t know how to get rid of it without calling the scammer’s number, call us. We will help you.”

3 Most Important Things

You’ve probably heard the real estate phrase, “Location, location, location.” In this post, I explain how a similar phrase is valid in the computing world. Make sure you have a look to see what I am talking about.

A Final Thought

In searching for my top 5 important blog posts, I actually came up with about 15 of them. I’ve whittled them down to 5 but, believe me, some of the others are important, too.