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Florida East Coast Engine #436 on the rail.

If you’ve read this blog for a long time, you probably know two things about me. Number one: I’m a railfan. Number two: I’m a big fan of places you can visit on YouTube. My hope is that, if you’re not exploring YouTube already, I can encourage you enough that you’ll give it a try. Naturally, I’m hoping you’ll spend time on 4KCC’s YouTube channel.

Already, I’ve posted 5 Awesome YouTube Dance Mashup Videos, 5 Favorite Music-related YouTube Channels, and 5 Favorite US Zoo Webcam Sites here on the blog. Today, I’m adding another of my 5 favorites. I hope you’ll check them out.

From My Home State

No list of favorite railroad cams would be complete without one of the most famous rail areas in the world. From the great state of Pennsylvania comes the famous Horseshoe Curve.

To quote from the site: “Horseshoe Curve is the 3-track (formerly 4-track) railroad curve on the Norfolk Southern Railway’s (NS) Pittsburgh Line, the former Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) mainline, between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Approximately 50 freight trains travel the Curve each day.”

The Funnel

This Georgia railroad area is one Joyce and I have visited many times. But, if you can’t run to Folkston at the drop of a hat, you can visit through their web camera.

“Folkston, GA is the confluence of the Nahunta and Jesup Subdivisions coming together to form the ‘Folkston Funnel’. The cameras are located at about MP 602.6 of the Nahunta Sub.” About 60 trains a day go through the Funnel.

Down The Middle Of The Street

Another of my favorite rail cams is in La Grange, KY. The cool thing about this railroad is that it goes straight down the middle of the street. It’s fun to watch but probably a little frustrating for the businesses and homes on this downtown thoroughfare.

East And West Rail Cams

Some sites, like #4 of my favorites, actually have more than one cam. At Flagstaff, AZ, there is an East and a West rail cam. It makes it so much fun to be able to watch in both directions. Here’s some information about this railroad station:

“Flagstaff, Arizona, in Northern Arizona, is located on the BNSF Railway’s Seligman Subdivision at milepost 344.2. The Seligman Sub is part of their Southern Transcon, the former Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway (AT&SF) mainline between Chicago and Los Angeles. Amtrak’s “Southwest Chief” passenger train stops here twice daily, as well as 50-70 daily BNSF freight trains. It’s a designated quiet zone, but the crew can use the horns at their discretion.”

Strawberries Anyone?

Here in Florida, Plant City is known for its annual Strawberry Festival. However, Joyce and I like to visit there for another reason. There’s a diamond crossing that you can easily watch from the two-story railfan platform. Have a look:

If you visit the YouTube site, you’ll find this information under the description:

“Plant City, Florida is located 25 miles east of Tampa. The camera is located on the Willaford Railroad Museum‘s Viewing Platform. The view is the junction of CSX’s A Line & S Line. The A Line is the former Atlantic Coast Line route between Tampa & Orlando. The S Line is the former Seaboard Air Line between Tampa and Jacksonville. The CSX Plant City Sub also crosses the diamond along the S-Line. The Plant City sub runs south to Fort Myers & Naples. Amtrak’s Silver Star service (#91 & #92) passes Plant City twice daily, for a total of 4. The viewing platform is located at MP 861 on the A-Line, and MP 823 on the S-Line.”

There Are Many More YouTube Rail Web Cams

If I didn’t have anything else to do, I could watch rail cams all day long and never see all of them. If you search on YouTube, you’ll see what I mean. However, these 5 are at the top of my list. I hope you’ll check them out.

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