Bad Computing Habits I See Every Day

Stack of blogs reading "Break Away From Bad Habits!" which fits nicely in this post called "Bad Computing Habits I See Every Day."
Stack of books with bookmarks showing which covers one of the Bad Computing Habits I see every day.

Hopefully, with the dawn of Passkeys and the slow demise of passwords, this bad habit will go away. In the meantime, another on my list is: using the same password for multiple sites.

Oby standing in front of a chalk board with the sentence "I will follow the rules" written multiple time.

We constantly get phone calls and emails asking us how people can eliminate junk (a.k.a. spam) emails. We always tell them that the first step is to make sure to do what I’ve outlined in a post from October 2021. Click on the photo below to review and see if you’re guilty!

A mixture of words regarding spam or junk email.