Let’s Talk About View Settings

View Settings – they’ve been around forever. For Windows users, they’ve been around since Windows 95. Still, customers log in to our Remote Technical Support because they don’t understand why they can’t find something on their computer. As soon as we change the view, helping them is easy. What Is The Option Called View Settings? Both Windows PCs and Apple […]

Fifteen Computing-Related Rules You Should Follow

I want to review fifteen computing-related rules you should follow. If you’ve been a customer of ours for a long time, most of these should sound familiar. The same is true if you’ve been a blog subscriber for a while. Unfortunately, we see people all the time in Remote Technical Support who aren’t following some (or Heaven forbid, all) of […]


Isn’t it odd that some celebrities are so well known that they are only called by one name? What is the criteria for being in a position that people only need to know your one appellation? Think about it! The King of Rock and Roll was known by both of his names – Elvis Presley. The King of Pop was […]