Five Important Videos You Need To Watch

I want to share five important videos from our YouTube Channel. I realize this post will sound self-promoting but I promise you, it’s based on what we are seeing in Remote and hearing over the phone. Why Do I Have A YouTube Channel? There are a number of reasons I have a YouTube Channel. At the top of this list […]

Facebook Emails

Yesterday, a customer logged into Remote Technical Support for a quarterly checkup. Also, she wanted to know if there was a way to stop getting emails from Facebook every time one of her friends posted something. If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, getting an email every time they post or comment or get tagged in a picture […]

Fake Facebook Account

This morning, I received this Facebook notification that M B wants to be friends. One small problem: M B and I are already Facebook friends. Since this is the case, why would M B be asking me to be friends again? The only reason for someone to do this would be if they got locked out of their original FB […]

Crisis Response

Although Social Media can sometimes take on a very negative, if not nasty, role in our lives, the various platforms often offer assistance during a tragedy or natural disaster. Many times, we can get messages through on Social Media when there is no other form of communication available. As an example, those of us in Florida are keeping an eye […]


I recently celebrated a birthday and I received a ton of birthday wishes on Facebook. It’s fun having these greetings and I like to do the same for others. Unfortunately, I’m not always in Facebook and I sometimes miss birthdays which I’d really like to acknowledge. Does this happen to you, too? Here’s the good news. You can actually go […]

Don’t Use My Photos!

Here is something that people are seeing posted in Facebook and Instagram. (In Instagram, the word “Facebook” is replaced by “Instagram.” Don’t forget tomorrow starts the new Facebook rule where they can use your photos. Don’t forget Deadline today!!! It can be used in court cases in litigation against you. Everything you’ve ever posted becomes public from today Even messages […]

Cloudy Confusion

Let’s see if we can clarify some things about backup. Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google’s Drive and other similar services like DropBox are cloud-based file-sharing services. What these companies offer is the ability to share files between computing devices. In reality, though, they aren’t really what we would call back up companies. What’s the difference? The primary difference is that […]