Android Smartphone Users Beware

Although active since 2021, there’s an Android trojan (click link) that keeps improving on what it can do. If you own an Android smartphone, you need to read this post. Its Name “SOVA Android Malware” is the trojan we’re talking about in this post. Oddly, SOVA means “Owl” in Czech. (Some websites claim it’s Russian for “owl” but my research […]

Gmail Settings – Part 1

Back in September of 2020, in my post 3 Gmail Options You Didn’t Know About, I talked about a couple of Gmail settings. In reality, I barely touched the surface. With that in mind, we’re going to look at more Gmail Settings. Yes, I know everyone doesn’t use Gmail but a ton of our customers and readers do, thus this […]

My App Pick For February

Today I want to share my app pick for February. Microsoft Translator In today’s world, where we “meet” online with people from countries all over the world, being able to communicate is critical. Oh, and not just online. We meet people IRL1 who don’t speak our language. Again, communication is critical. Let me give you an example. When the new […]

Android Users Should Do This

Seriously, Android users should do this: make sure anti-virus/anti-malware is installed. Why It’s Important If you use an Android tablet or smartphone, you need to make sure you have software installed to protect your device. Last week, it was reported that over 300,000 Android devices were infected. A fake banking app was the cause of all the chaos. Fortunately, the […]


I’m working diligently to do away with paper – receipts, business cards, etc. I came across an app I like a lot and I want to recommend it to you. I’m not affiliated with Piksoft, the creator of the app, I just really like it. TurboScan is available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The […]

Ignore Microsoft and Google

In my recent post, “Delete Now!,” I explained through verbiage and a video the importance of NOT saving passwords in your browsers. I based my narrative on my own experiences; those opinions of well-known hackers and cybersecurity analysists; and the NZ Bankers Association which said in a post: “A common mistake that users make is saving their user-id/password in their […]

Hey Google!

When it comes to voice-operated, personal assistants, more and more of us are adding them to our homes. There’s a number of options to choose from including Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Home Nest and Apple’s Home Pod. If your home is like ours, you might have more than just one brand. Over a number of posts, I’m going to talk about […]

GC: Tips And Tricks

One of the primary purposes of our computing hardware and software is as a tool which helps us achieve some goal. Whether we’re creating a letter, a spreadsheet, a photographic array or an email, our computing devices should make our task easier. Like tools in areas other than computing, there is often a major barrier to our task success – […]

Hate Crowds?

Some people hate crowds. Some people hate crowds even more now that we’re dealing with Covid-19. Once again, Google is offering a new feature to help. You’ll now be able to use Google Maps to see how busy a place is before you go there. The information will appear for places like grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores, outdoor parks […]

A Real HUMdinger

Do you ever have a melody in your head that you just can’t remember its name or the words? Thursday, Google announced a new search feature. You can now hum a tune and Google search will return the most likely song. You don’t even have to be all that good at humming! You do, however, have to be able to […]

Color Code Labels In Gmail

We’re always looking for ways to organize on the computer, especially emails. Although Gmail doesn’t have the same robust color abilities we find in Microsoft Outlook, it is possible to add color to the labels we create. Here’s how you can do that: If you already have a label created… Make sure you are looking at the emails in your […]