PayPal – we hear lots of feedback from customers about it. Some already use it and appreciate the benefits of being able to use it instead of spreading their credit/debit card numbers all over the Internet. Others have had issues with PayPal while some customers don’t even know what it is. In this post, I’ll try to remove the mystery […]

Need A VPN?

I’m getting more inquiries about VPNs. We’re all seeing more ads about them and a larger variety of companies are offering them. But, what exactly is a VPN, and do you really need one? VPN Definition As the picture above spells out, the acronym VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is like a secured pipeline running through a […]

Pull The Plug

When I spoke at the Stuart Rotary Club’s weekly meeting yesterday, I was asked, “How can I have less ‘looking-over-my-shoulder’ when I’m online?” Let me give you an example of what the person meant. Recently, my vehicle died. (It has almost 300,000 miles on it so I’m not complaining.) On my computer, in a browser, I went looking for a […]