A Different Kind Of Update

Today, I want to share a different kind of update. Yes, if you’re a regular reader of my blog or if you watch my YouTube videos, you know I’m constantly preaching about updates. I always suggest that you update operating systems and other important apps on all of your computing devices. Even today, I’m posting about updating iPhones to iOS […]

Did You Notice?

Last week, something new began to show up on my blog posts. Did you happen to notice what started to appear at the bottom of each post? A number of people have mentioned to be that they would love to be able to print some of my missives. Well, now you can! Or, you can save them as a PDF. […]

Quiz Results

On March 20, 2021, I wrote the post, “Let’s Review.” It was a 10 question quiz to see if you were paying attention! In this post, I’m sharing the results from everyone who submitted their test results. (You can still take the quiz if you haven’t already but your results won’t appear in this post.) The first question listed browser […]

Let’s Review

I always hope that everyone learns at least one thing from each of my posts. Just for the fun of it, though, let’s see if you’ve really been paying attention! I invite you to take a stab at answering these ten (10) questions all drawn from previous blog posts. Give it a try!

Knowledge Is Power

As the computing world advances at a sometimes alarming rate, we keep expanding our avenues of helping you. We’re building our video database on YouTube; we’ve added security notices on our site; and, now, we’ve added a Knowledge Base (KB). We just set up the KB yesterday and, at the moment, there’s only one article. However, in the days to […]

Amazon Pay

As you probably know, for our Online Shop (see the menu at the top or the bottom of this page) and for the purchase of Remote Technical Support, training, service calls and/or new computers, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. You probably don’t know this but we’re going to be expanding the products we offer in our Shop. […]

Now, It’s Their Turn

I’ve mentioned our email-handling company and/or their web push feature in the following posts: Get Notified – A New Way A New Page… The Importance of Being Junk Outgoing Email Locked? Now, it’s their turn to mention our 4KCC Blog. Have a look at these two posts and see if you can find where we are highlighted: Web Push Notifications […]

A New Page…

If you read my post titled “Get Notified – A New Way”, you know one of the things I try to do is limit the number of emails I send to your Inbox. If you are subscribed to my blog’s email list (If you’re not, you should be!) you know that I send two emails a week. That’s where signing […]

Get Notified – A New Way

Here’s my two-part quandary: 1) we are associated with a lot of good companies who offer special deals just through their affiliates. (Note: unlike many sites, we don’t just associate with any company. We like to become affiliated with those with whom Joyce and I have had good experiences, whether it’s in pricing or delivery or customer service. We never […]

Chat With Us

Every so often, I like to point out new things on our site. I know sometimes visitors just read our blogs and then move on. Yet, we also get questions via email or phone call about things related to 4kcc.com. In an effort to better serve those coming to our website, I’ve added a “Chat with us” option. You’ll see […]

All’s Quiet…

When I conduct in-person seminars (because of Covid-19 we haven’t had any in 6 months), I always love the interaction from those in attendance. Honestly, sometimes the two hours literally flies by because of all the good questions being asked. Although those of us on Florida’s Treasure Coast can’t meet in person right now and those readers not living here […]

Under Attack

Many activities take place on the Internet about which “regular” computer users have no clue. Oh, you’ve heard of the Dark Web – I’ve written about it here – but there is more going on behind the scenes than that. As an example, have a look at the screenshot above. It is a daily report I receive regarding this blog. […]

Get “Linked” With Us

When you visit www.4kcc.com or www.4kcc.com/blog or any of our post pages, are you noticing the links at the top of the page? This menu at the top is really the place to go when you need to connect with us or find information, etc. Let me list the top-of-the-page links: 4KCC Home Page This is our home page for […]

QOTW Archives

Besides this blog, many of you receive our Question of the Week email. In the email, we answer a question that a customer has asked us. These questions and answers are very informative as I hope you find these blog posts. But, what if you didn’t receive an email or you deleted the email and now you’d like to read […]

Change Is Not Always Bad!

We’ve initiated three new blog-related changes. First, our entire blog is now secured with our SSL certificate. No matter what page of our blog you are on, you will see the locked padlock and the “s” as part of the https//. What this means is more security while you’re on our site. Speaking of security, the second change we’ve made […]


Today, we’re introducing another new feature on our blog. In the right-hand column, where you see things like “Recent Posts,” “Recent Comments,” and “Subscribe To Blog Via Email,” we now have “Upcoming Events.” Here you’ll see a list of seminars and webinars and other events when we schedule them. We’re adding this feature because people often call or email us […]