The End of 2010

Granted, the year 2010 was over ten years ago. But, what I’m talking about is Microsoft Office 2010 (not to be confused with Windows 10). Support for this version of Office ends this month – October 13, 2020 to be exact. If you are using Microsoft Office version 2010 or older (Heaven forbid!), it’s time to upgrade. The most logical […]

Dangerous Attachments

In the past view days, I’ve gotten dozens of emails similar to the one pictured above. The email subject always includes the word “Receipt;” the email comes from different addresses; and the email has an Excel spreadsheet attached. While you may be curious as to what’s on the Excel spreadsheet, even though you might suspect the email is a scam, […]

I Recommend These…

People often ask me what books I recommend when it comes to computing devices. I have a number of them I really enjoy and/or find helpful for my customers. In this post, I’m sharing fourteen of them. This array covers everything from computer history to Windows 10 and both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. There is a plethora of knowledge […]

Posters And Flyers

Often, customers are asked to create a flyer or a poster for some organization with which they are associated. It might be Rotary or a golf group or a bowling league or church. No matter what the group, people often find themselves willing to help but unsure how to go about it. If you’re a Microsoft Office user, you might […]

Learning Office

I just found out that a friend of mine is losing his job after twenty-one years. One of the company owners has passed away and the company is being closed. While my friend is extremely good at his profession, he’s finding that prospective employers want someone who knows Microsoft Word and Excel. At the company which is now closing, my […]