Searching – The Unusual Ways

Let’s Talk about Searching – The Unusual Ways You may not know about searching – the unusual ways. Sure, you know about normal searching. You type in some words and hit the search button. Or maybe you even know about using the microphone to verbally search. Since you already know about these methods of searching, let’s skip over them. Searching […]

Veterans Day 2020

Hopefully, all of us will be honoring our Veterans this November 11th. Of course, we really should be doing that every day but at least we’ll specifically be thankful for their service on this day. As I usually do, I turn to the Internet to look up information about this particular celebration. Of course, I do understand that not everything […]

A Real HUMdinger

Do you ever have a melody in your head that you just can’t remember its name or the words? Thursday, Google announced a new search feature. You can now hum a tune and Google search will return the most likely song. You don’t even have to be all that good at humming! You do, however, have to be able to […]

Encrypted But Not Legit?

Those nasty scammers. They will do just about anything to try to steal your money. One of the things they’ve started to do is purchase security certificates for their bogus websites. They realize that most computer users have come to understand that the “s” in https:// stands for “secure.” A website is secure when everything transmitted from the site to […]

Search: Look Before You Leap

In my post on June 25, 2019 – www What? – I talked about searching and the number which is sometimes added after the www. Today, I want to share what you should look for BEFORE you click a search result. Let’s look at the first seven search results from a query I made entitled “HP Printer Drivers.” Pay close […]

Time Change

In yesterday’s post, I talked about changing the time-frame of your search in Bing and/or Google. A number of people mentioned that they didn’t know how you could do that. They asked if I could explain. So, here you go! Bing Search Go ahead and search whatever terms you want. After the results have appeared, look for the “Anytime” label […]

It’s A Monday Cornucopia!

You’ll recall that yesterday, I posted about the Super Blood Wolf Moon ( The picture above was taken from our backyard at 12 Midnight. It was a little cloudy plus my iPhone X just couldn’t get a closer view, so the picture’s not great. If you look on Social Media, you’ll see lots of people who captured much better pictures. […]