PayPal – we hear lots of feedback from customers about it. Some already use it and appreciate the benefits of being able to use it instead of spreading their credit/debit card numbers all over the Internet. Others have had issues with PayPal while some customers don’t even know what it is. In this post, I’ll try to remove the mystery […]

Five Important Videos You Need To Watch

I want to share five important videos from our YouTube Channel. I realize this post will sound self-promoting but I promise you, it’s based on what we are seeing in Remote and hearing over the phone. Why Do I Have A YouTube Channel? There are a number of reasons I have a YouTube Channel. At the top of this list […]

What Is Clickbait?

What is clickbait? We have been asked this question enough times that I felt I should post about the subject. Let’s have a look! Clickbait Definition Merriam-Webster defines clickbait as “Something (such as a headline) designed to make readers want to click on a hyperlink especially when the link leads to content of dubious value or interest.” However, clickbait is not limited […]

Share This With Kids

Share this with kids – please! This post is going to talk about ways of avoiding some of the dangers that are present for young kids online. If you have young children, grandchildren, nephews and nieces or just friends with kids, please share this post. The Background To This Post Young kids are online a lot. (Teens Spend ‘Astounding’ Nine […]

My Computer Was Hacked

We often get phone calls from people telling us “My computer was hacked.” My response normally is, “Not likely!” What Probably Happened Why “My computer was hacked” Is Probably False Despite what you might think, hacking a home computer is rarely high on a hacker’s To-Do list. (He or she is far more likely to work at breaking into servers […]

Fifteen Computing-Related Rules You Should Follow

I want to review fifteen computing-related rules you should follow. If you’ve been a customer of ours for a long time, most of these should sound familiar. The same is true if you’ve been a blog subscriber for a while. Unfortunately, we see people all the time in Remote Technical Support who aren’t following some (or Heaven forbid, all) of […]

Android Users Should Do This

Seriously, Android users should do this: make sure anti-virus/anti-malware is installed. Why It’s Important If you use an Android tablet or smartphone, you need to make sure you have software installed to protect your device. Last week, it was reported that over 300,000 Android devices were infected. A fake banking app was the cause of all the chaos. Fortunately, the […]

Dell Computer BIOS Risk

If you own one, you need to know about a Dell computer BIOS Risk that affects millions of computers. Even if you don’t own a Dell, you might want to peruse this post just to be aware of what has happened. What is BIOS? Before we talk about the Dell computer BIOS risk, let me define BIOS for you. You […]

Better Than A Password

On this blog, I’ve written about 32 posts about passwords and in a few of them, I’ve mentioned using an authenticator instead of typing in a password. Microsoft, Google and Adobe all have authenticator applications. These apps are better than having a text message sent to your phone with a code since text messages can be intercepted. More and more […]

Another Type of Covid-19 Scam

In several previous blog posts, I’ve talked about the online scams regarding Covid-19 (From The FBI, Coronavirus News). I referred you to both the FBI and the CDC regarding scams about virus cures and virus conspiracy theories. However, one of the areas I haven’t talked about is credit repair scams. For a large number of people, the Covid-19 pandemic put […]

That 60 Minutes’ Story

If you watched the CBS News show, 60 Minutes, this past week, you may have seen a computer-related story. The segment was called “Inside The SolarWinds Hack.” (If you missed it, you can click on the title to view.) The report covered how the Russians allegedly used Malware to infiltrate computers at the US Justice, State and Treasury departments. It’s […]

Ignore Microsoft and Google

In my recent post, “Delete Now!,” I explained through verbiage and a video the importance of NOT saving passwords in your browsers. I based my narrative on my own experiences; those opinions of well-known hackers and cybersecurity analysists; and the NZ Bankers Association which said in a post: “A common mistake that users make is saving their user-id/password in their […]

Don’t Be A Mule!

According to the website Spana (, “Mules are one of the most commonly used working animals in the world, highly prized for their hardiness and docile nature.” Even though mules are hardworking and nice, the FBI doesn’t want you to become one. Huh? It’s true, the FBI just issued another warning in an effort to keep you from being tricked […]

Gift Cards Are The Clue

The picture above is an image of a Landry’s Gift Card. Landry’s – they have one of the best reward programs in the nation and their restaurant group includes some of our favorite name brands. Joyce and I go to Saltgrass Steakhouse, Bubba Gump, Joe’s Crab House, Landry’s Seafood, Mitchel’s Fish Market, Rainforest Café and on special occasions, either Chart […]

This One Is Real

Often, when we see emails similar to the one above, they turn out to be fake. Scammers will make emails look like the real thing just so you’ll click and fall for their attempt to steal your money and/or personal information. Lately, we’ve had a number of people log in to Remote Technical Support with this email, asking if it’s […]

A New Page…

If you read my post titled “Get Notified – A New Way”, you know one of the things I try to do is limit the number of emails I send to your Inbox. If you are subscribed to my blog’s email list (If you’re not, you should be!) you know that I send two emails a week. That’s where signing […]

Better Late Than Never?

Yep, I pretty much missed it. Here it is, October 30, 2020, and I’m just now telling you that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. I guess it slipped my mind since I pretty much think every day is a cyber security awareness day. This year, many websites – including the FBI – dedicated special pages to ways to […]

Password Revisited

Password revisited sounds like a cool title, doesn’t it? It’s true – I’ve written posts about passwords before. (You can see how many HERE.) Still, we have some new readers, plus I know some of you are still not following the rules when it comes to passwords! How do I know that? Easy. Every week, Joyce and I get emails […]