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Monthly Seminars.  Each month, except July and August, we offer a live seminar open to all.  The cost is just $8 per person and we cover a myriad of subjects.  After the seminar, we post information about the seminar online so that each person who attended may have our notes, videos, etc.  Some of these seminar pages are still online and you can find them in the list below.

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Our Next Seminar

Our next seminar will be announced as soon as things get back to normal after the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Check back later for the date of our next seminar.

Links To Previous Seminars

"What In The World Does THAT Mean?" 9/15/07
(Click to view.)
"What In The World Does THAT Mean? - Part 2" 10/20/07
"You Want Me To Do What?" 04/12/08
"You Want Me To Do What? - Part 2" 05/10/08
"You Want Me To Do What? - Part 3" 06/07/08
"Christmas Is Coming" 09/13/2008
"Merging:  When To Yield And When To Speed Up" 10/11/08
"If The Pilgrims Had The Internet" 11/08/08
"Computer Resolutions For The New Year, Part 1" 01/10/09
"Computer Resolutions For The New Year, Part 2" 02/28/09
"Moving Files Between Discs" 03/28/09
"You Really Can Stay One Step Ahead Of The Bad Guys" 04/25/09
"What's New" 05/20/09
"Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things:
At The Computer"
"Photos - Part 2" 01/09/10
"Why I Heart My Computer" 02/13/10
"May All Your Computer Abilities Blossom" 05/22/10
"To Err Is Human" 09/11/10
"Scary Emails" 10/09/10
"Thanks To The Internet" 11/06/10
"Holiday Greetings" 12/04/10
"1st and Goal: Offensive Strategies for Using Your Computer" 01/16/11
"Hearts and Flowers, Laptops and Towers" 02/12/11
"Blame It On Atanasoff" 03/19/11
"Customer's Choice" 06/11/11
"Email Attachments" 09/10/11
"Customer Choice" 10/08/11
"Gobble This" 11/12/11
"Holiday Snapshots" 12/17/11
"Winter Wonders: Pix#2" 01/14/12
"Anything Goes" 02/18/12
"Your Computer: A Pot of Gold 03/10/12
"Take Me Out To The (Night) Ballgame" 04/28/12
"May Day!  May Day!  Help With Your Computer" 05/19/12
"Just Because It's June" 06/09/12
"Come Rain or Come Shine" SOON
"Samy XX & Other Fun Viruses" 10/13/2012
"Computer Organization For The New Year" 01/12/2013
"It's Not All Hearts And Roses" 02/16/2013
"If You're Lucky Enough To Be Irish" 03/09/2013
"Save A Tree, Save A Frog 04/27/2013
"Save A Tree, Save A Frog, Pt. 2 05/11/2013
"You Ask The Questions" SOON
"10 Computer Tasks Everyone Should Know 09/14/2013
"Computer 'Tools' To Make Your Life Easier" 10/19/2013
"A Photo Explosion" SOON
"New Year: Same Old Stuff" 01-11-2014
"Computing Device: O How I Love Thee 02-08-2014
"Why Computers Tax Your Patience" SOON
"Sometimes It Snows In April" SOON
"A Computer Oktoberfest" 10/11/2014
"Hackers Are Turkeys" 11/08/2014
"It's A Wonderful Life" 12/13/2014
"Fly Like An Eagle" 01/10/2015
"It's A Sticky Situation" 02/21/2015
"Time To Spring Into Action" 03/21/2015
"A Celebration Of Music" 04/18/2015
"229 To Go" 05/16/2015
"It's Been A Long, Hot Summer" 09/12/2015
"Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria" 10/10/2015
"It’s Difficult To Soar Like An Eagle When You’re Surrounded By Turkeys" 11/14/2015
"Ho, Ho, Ho!" 12/12/2015
"It’s An iTunes Day"01/09/2016
"Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron"02/06/2016
"Timmy & The WWW" 11/12/2016
"Fuhgeddaboudit" 12/10/2016
"Tutti Frutti" 01/14/2017
"Why Does Everything Happen To Me?" SOON
"O Thank Heaven" 11/04/2017
"Give Thanks As You Are Abe-l" 10/20/2018



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