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Email Archives.  Here you'll find archived emails which we've sent in the past. Most of these are our Question Of The Week emails but special alerts and other emails are here, too.

Email Archives

Date Subject Link
2019-07-14 Static IP Address HERE
2019-07-07 Wireless Keyboard Skips Characters HERE
2019-06-29 Microsoft Access Survey Results HERE
2019-06-23 Convert Excel Spreadsheet to PDF HERE
2019-06-16 Place To Play All 4KCC Videos? HERE
2019-06-09 Microsoft Access Survey HERE
2019-06-08 IRS Security Alert HERE
2019-06-02 Safe To Bank On My SmartPhone? HERE
2019-05-27 5 Questions & Answers HERE
2019-05-20 Everglades Facebook Live HERE
2019-05-14 Dark Web & Credit Card HERE
2019-05-06 Win 7 Support Ends HERE
2019-04-08 Broadcast Seminars? HERE
2019-03-28 Attachments - People You Know HERE
2019-03-20 Quiz Follow-up HERE
2019-03-13 Quiz HERE
2019-03-06 Find Model Number HERE
2019-02-04 Tons of Pop-ups HERE
2019-01-28 Magnet Damage? HERE
2019-01-09 What Is CES? HERE
2018-12-03 Office Compatibility Mode HERE
2018-11-25 Who Is Kari? HERE
2018-11-17 What Is Bonjour? HERE
2018-11-05 Email Ads HERE
2018-10-23 Dark Web HERE
2018-10-14 Chat Bots HERE
2018-10-08 Internet In Your Car? HERE
2018-09-30 Keeping Your Mind Active HERE
2018-09-25 Weird Windows HERE
2018-09-17 iOS 12 - New Features HERE
2018-09-10 Adobe Flash Update? HERE
2018-09-02 What Are Memes? HERE
2018-08-26 Stop Spam (Junk) Email HERE
2018-08-19 Computer Slow? HERE
2018-08-12 Celebrities On Social Media HERE
2018-08-05 Still Need A Computer? HERE
2018-08-03 Multiple Lines - Excel HERE
2018-08-02 Icons In Word HERE
2018-08-02 I'm Worried About Scams HERE
2018-07-29 4KCC Goes All Secure HERE
2018-07-24 Sextortion Security Alert HERE
2018-07-21 Beware Of Driver Updates HERE
2018-07-09 Vacation Survival Guide-2018 HERE
2018-06-26 Delete Cookies? HERE
2018-06-20 Extensions Removed From Google Chrome HERE
2018-06-10 Windows 10: Notification Time HERE
2018-06-04 FBI: Reboot Your Router HERE
2018-05-28 What Is AI? HERE
2018-05-21 Red X Instead Of Picture? HERE
2018-05-13 Questions About KCC - Part 2 HERE
2018-05-08 Questions About KCC - Part 1 HERE
2018-04-24 What Are Zip Files? HERE
2018-04-10 Watermarked Photos HERE
2018-04-03 Keep Smartphones Running Smoothly - Part 2 HERE
2018-03-27 Keep Smartphones Running Smoothly - Part 1 HERE



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